Pea(k) Utah's PEP

Remember When...

  • Playing Video Games meant blowing your allowance at the mall arcade?
  • You had to take a taxi instead of ride share?
  • Offering a 401(k) Plan Strained Company Resources and Carried Unnecessary Risk?


Times change rapidly and allow for advancements. Building on years of experience in the multiple employer retirement plan arena, and keeping true to our passion of providing employers the ability to offer a participant focused low cost retirement plan, Elevate401(k) is proud to introduce Pea(k) and act as the Pooled Plan Provider.

Pea(k) Utah's PEP

What Is A Pooled Employer Plan (PEP)?

The concept of multiple employers joining together to offer a 401(k) plan through economies of scale efficiencies is not new. However, shared relationship qualification rules limited large scale participation and use. ENTER THE SECURE ACT IN 2020. With large bipartisan support, the SECURE Act “Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement Act” seeks to expand and preserve retirement savings in the United States.

A key part of the act now allows unrelated companies to join Pooled Employer Plans to ease the burden and risk of providing a retirement savings plan for employees. Click on the video to learn about the benefits of a Pooled Employer Plan.

Team Pea(k) PEP: Together We Build Dreams

The Pea(k) PEP brings together some of Utah’s most experienced retirement plan service providers to create an extraordinary approach to help companies advance their efforts in preparing for retirement.

Whether you currently offer a 401(k) to your employees, or you are an employer looking to start offering a 401(k) plan, explore the benefits of Pea(k): Utah’s Pooled Employer Plan.

  • Shed the Plan Sponsor Title and Associated Risks
  • Reduction of Fiduciary Risks: Professional Investment and Plan Compliance Fiduciaries
  • Lower Hard Dollar Cost
  • Lower Soft Dollar (Staff time) Cost
  • Access to Better Service Providers
  • Access to Lower Cost, Institution Fund Classes
  • Flexibility to Offer the Plan You Truly Want


Years Combined PRINCIPAL Retirement Plan Experience


Participants Served


Billion Combined Assets Under Advisement

Hey Existing Employers offering a 401(k) Plan

STOP signing your 5500 personally and paying for an annual plan audit!

Think that Pooled Employer Plans are only for start up plans? Think again. Features of the Pea(k) PEP will help employers with existing plans come close to eliminating the burden and resources required to individually sponsor a plan. Further, in most cases existing plan sponsors can also transfer their current plans into the Pea(k) PEP without changing their desired existing plan design attributes such as eligibility requirements, employer contribution rates, vesting schedules, etc.

✓ Stop signing the required annual form 5500. Professional 3(16) Fiduciary prepares, executes, and submits on behalf of the entire PEP.

✓ Stop the unwanted investment selection and monitoring liability. Professional 3(38) Investment Fiduciary selects and monitors in vestments on behalf of the entire PEP.

✓ Stop paying for your annual plan audit if you are an employer with over 100 employees. One plan audit on behalf of the entire PEP.

✓ Stop wondering about education and advice for your employees. Servicing Advisor Team provides educational meetings, on demand re sources, and
are always available for employee calls.

✓ Stop the payroll submission headache. Payroll integration available with many popular payroll providers.

✓ Simple, transparent, and straight forward fee schedule.

Discover More and Get Started! Download pdf info sheet for further information and pricing.

There has never been a better time to start a 401(k) plan for your employees. Gone are the days of small businesses not having the size, resources, and technical ability to begin offering a plan. The Pooled Employer Plan has opened the door for employers to finally be able to offer a retirement plan for their valued employees.

✓ Leave the resource burden, fiduciary tasks, and responsibility titles to the Pooled Plan Provider. Offer a plan without being a Plan Sponsor and taking on the long list of responsibilities that have in the past made offering a plan very difficult for small businesses.

✓ Affordable from the start. Low-cost transparent fee structure for all.

✓ TAX CREDITS! Employers who have never sponsored a plan in the past can potentially take advantage of unprecedented Start Up Tax credits.

✓ Get access to Institutional, low expense fund classes typically only offered to plans with high asset levels.

✓ Payroll integration available with many popular payroll providers to ease administration burden.

✓ Employee Education and Employer Education. Servicing Advisor Team provides educational meetings, on-demand resources, and are always available for employer or employee calls.

✓ Recruit and retain high valued employees. Offer a plan to compete with others who do.

Discover More and Get Started! Download pdf info sheet for further information and pricing.

Start it Up!

Start a Plan Today… Change Their World Tomorrow.

One day soon you may say, “remember when we couldn’t offer a plan to our employees” or “remember when we used to have that complicated, bulky, and static 401(k) plan?
Contact us to learn more about how participating in the Pea(k) PEP may benefit your organization.