The Specifically Engineered
401(k) Solution

What is Elevate401(k)²

Discover the 401(k) plan that is specifically engineered to drive out traditional operation and compliance cost. It’s a new kind of Retirement Plan solution for standalone plans that focuses on participant outcomes, reduces fees and expenses, and shelters plan sponsors from the work and liability associated with offering a 401(k) plan. All while allowing owners and HC employees the ability to contribute up the IRS maximums.

Who is Elevate401(k)² for?

A program specifically tailored for employers who are ready to offer a single, simplified, and specific plan design that gains efficiency through streamlined compliance to common discriminatory pit falls. Take advantage of economies of scale by joining other employers who are focused on systematically increasing their employee participation, investing in their valued employees’ futures by offering a qualified match, and shedding the stress and administrative burden involved in traditional 401(k) compliance processes.

If this sounds like you, contact one of our Elevate401(k)² specialists for a very efficient consultation.